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Hot Jazz (5) 

Sat. March 10th 2018 at 9PM

Ella Fitzgerald 

Kim Nalley vocals (New York) 

Tammy Hall piano (New York) 

Alon Faeber  tenor saxophone (Israel)

Gregory Rivkin  trumpet (Israel)

Assaf Hakimi bass (Israel)

Gasper Bertoncelj drums (Israel)

Awarded “Most Influential African American in the Bay Area” in 2005 and “Best Jazz Group” in 2013, vocalist Kim Nalley is already being called “legendary” and “San Francisco institution.” No trip to San Francisco is complete without seeing Kim Nalley perform.

With an international reputation as one of world’s best jazz & blues vocalists, she has graced concert halls from Moscow to Lincoln Center. A true Renaissance woman, Kim Nalley has also been a featured writer for JazzWest and SF Chronicle’s City Brights, shortlisted for a Grammy nomination, a produced playwright, a former jazz club owner, an accomplished stage actress, a Ph.D. candidate in history at UC Berkeley, and an avid lindy hop & blues dancer. Her many philanthropic endeavors include founding the Kim Nalley Black Youth Jazz Scholarship.

In looks, Kim Nalley exudes the aura of a diva from a by-gone era. Vocally, she has pipes to burn packing a 3 1/2 octave range that can go from operatic to gritty blues on a dime, projection that can whisper a ballad yet is capable of filling a room with no microphone, and the ability to scat blistering solos without ever losing the crowd’s interest or the intense swing.

She has been compared to all the greats, but in the end, it’s Kim Nalley and no one else – an unforced instrument with clarity and jazzy musicality, effortlessly delivered, and a sense of humor to boot

“Sultry voiced Kim Nalley brings an irresistibly sexy sense of swing” — Down Beat

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